Updated Meal Plan Pickup Locations

As part of our emergency plan to address the closure of schools, we have identified the high school and neighborhood sites as distribution centers to continue school-based meals for our students. The meal will include lunch for that day and breakfast for the next morning. All food will be in compliance with local health guidelines at the time of delivery.
1. On-Campus Grab and Go meal distribution will take place at the High School from 11:30-12:30
2. Sunset Trailer Park from 11:30-12:00
3. Town and Country from 11:30-12:00
4. Olean City Park from 11:30-12:00
5. Doolittle Trailer Park from 11:30-12:00
6. Barnett – Redeemed Relics from 11:30-12:00
7. Rocky Mount Fire Station from 11:30-12:00
8. Cedar Junction/Fuzzy’s from 11:30-12:00
9. Intersection of Cender and VFW Road 11:30-12:00
10. Hilltop Trailer Park 11:30-12:00
11. Wilson Park from 11:30-12:00