Graphic Communications

Graphic Communication Courses

Screen Printing and Vinyl Cutting

Students will learn techniques used to apply ink to paper, plastic, board and textile products.  GraphicSome of these techniques include: making positives, screen preparation, coating screens, exposing screens, stencil preparation, aligning the print, screen printing press operation, and proper drying techniques. Some of the professional projects students will produce are t-shirts, hats, signs, decals, and many other items.  In Vinyl Cutting students will use CorelDRAW to create artwork and custom letters to be plotted on a vinyl cutter.  The vinyl product can then be applied to any smooth surface like walls or signs.  Mascot and sports decals readily seen on vehicle windows are one example of how the product is used.

Credit – 1 Unit

Photography/Digital Video Editing

Photography is changing drastically as digital imaging improves and accepted in industry.  Along with learning the use of digital cameras, students will also learn to operate a 35-millimeter SLR camera, compose pictures, set up lights for studio portraits, and arrange and capture still life images.  Students will develop and make pictures using black and white film.  They also learn to manipulate and adjust digital images using Adobe Photoshop CS. In Digital Video Editing students will produce: documentaries, news proceedings, historical dealings, sports events, and public relation affairs.  The student will write a script, assemble scenes in a specific order using storyboards, operate a video camera, plan and film footage, and then edit their raw video footage into a finished video product.Graphics

Prerequisite: Two previous hours of Graphic/Media credit

Credit – 1 Unit

Computer Design

Using the computer, students will create professional quality graphic designs.  Some of these designs may include business logos, newsletters, magazine ads, business cards, business stationery, posters, newspaper ads and many other creations.  Computer design software used in this class follows: CorelDRAW 12, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS.

Prequesites: Computer Applications

Credit – 1 Unit


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