Marketing Courses

Retail Marketing

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the world of marketing. The class curriculum introduces students to the basic key areas in marketing. Student activities are concentrated in the following areas: marketing concepts, identifying markets, channels of distribution, communication skills, interpersonal skills, the sales process, recording sales and marketing math.

Credit – 1 Unit

Principles of Marketing

The principles of marketing program provides students with a more in-depth look at the subject of marketing. The curriculum for advanced marketing is designed as college preparatory program for students who wish to further their education in college with a business degree. This program’s curriculum is also used to provide instruction for those students who wish to manage or own their own business but who do not intend to further their education after high school. The principles of marketing curriculum is made up of units in resume writing, interviewing, market economics, marketing segmentation, marketing research, international marketing, product branding, packaging and labeling, pricing, promotion and selling.

Credit – 1 Unit


The entrepreneurship class provides students with an actual working marketing lab class. This class allows students to work through an entrepreneurship curriculum which provides students with the fundamental knowledge needed to manage an actual business operation. Students also work in the school store without the loss of after school time which might be needed for extracurricular duties. The curriculum for this entrepreneurship class covers the following areas: purchasing, pricing, stocking, managing inventory, cash register operations, store layout, personal selling, human relations and channels of distribution.

Prerequisite: Students must have been previously enrolled in a markeing class and recommended by the marketing instructor.

Credit – 1 Unit

Marketing Internship

The work experience program is designed to help students obtain that all important job experience. The phase of the program allows marketing students to work out in the community in a classroom setting. Students work for businesses that have been approved by the coordinator as being in the marketing field. Students then work under the supervision of experienced employers while they are on the job site. Students are required to perform assignments that coordinate classroom curriculum instruction with the actual application of that instruction at the work site. The program tries to match student career goals with actual job training that might be available in the Eldon community. This program helps students obtain valuable job experience which will alllow them to have a head start over others entering the work force.

Credit – 1-2 Units


The economics class is a semester class which is structured to provide students with a better understanding of how our economic system operates. Students are exposed to a variety of economic experiences during the semester. Students will learn the importance of economics, its costs and benefits, as well as the individual and social decisions involved with economics. The basics of supply and demand, their relationships and operations will also be covered during the semester. Students will compete against other schools across Missouri in a stock market simulation. During this simulation students will buy and sell stock and learn the basic operations of the stock market. Computer simulations are also supplemented to give students the chance to make actual buisness decsisions which are requried to run the daily operations of a business.

Credit – 1/2 Unit


The advertising class is a semester length course. Students taking this class will be exposed to the basic elements of advertising. They will plan, develop and use advertisements for print media as well as for broadcast media. Students will also be learning techniques for direct mail, specialty and point-of-purchase advertising. Class members will be working on many advertising projects and creating their own ads and commercials. Creativity and teamwork are essential for the class.

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and entertainment marketing is one of the most exciting and competitive businesses in the world. Sports and entertainment marketing is a subject to which all students can relate. Sports and entertainment are everywhere, not just in ballparks and theaters, but at schools, on television and radio, in stores and on the internet. This course does more than teach students about these two industries. It also helps students to develop skills to succeed in their careers. Sports and enterainment marketing teaches solid academic skills such as math, reading, and language arts skills, as well as foundation skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills and key workplace competencies, such as responsibility, self-management, leadership and integrity.

Credit – 1 Unit


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