Daily Announcement

Daily Bulletin for Thursday, May 16, 2019




Cooks Choice


Teacher Information:


Morning Greeters for this week:

Ms. Gump: Counselor’s Office Entrance

Ms. Keeth: Main Office Entrance

Coach Norman: Commons Exit to Patio.


All teachers must check out with Amy before leaving for the summer. The following is a check list:

Turn in Keys-Teachers Not Returning

Grades Must Be in the Computer

Book Inventory

Equipment Inventory

Turn in Grade Book or Grades Printed Off SIS

Fines and Fees list for underclassmen-with amounts owed, book name, and number-Due by Thursday, May 16 at 3:00

Curriculum Binders-Teachers Not Returning

Maintenance Request

Individual A+ competencies must be entered for each student in the computer

Parking Pass If Leaving

Parent Contact Logs

Sign up for MOAR(every teacher must sign up for one, if you sign up for two or more you will get a jeans coupon for everyone after one)

All lunch money paid

Advisory Binders Turned in to the counselor’s office

Room Ready-To be cleaned for next year



Student Information:


Attention class of 2020, senior shirt order forms are in the Counseling office. Deadline to order is tomorrow. Shirts will be ready for pickup at summer registration.


Students remember to turn lunch money in at the Main office before 3rd hour. All lunch balances need to be paid off before the last day of school.




All students that are planning on taking online dual credit classes this summer please make sure you see Mrs. Jenkins as soon as possible to register for your summer courses. If you do not register before May 17, you will not be able to take summer classes.