Digital Media

Digital Media Courses

Adobe Photoshop

Are you ready to let your imagination soar?  Prepare to take your ideas into the world of digital photography. Adobe Photoshop is a semester course designed to teach skills and concepts needed to design and edit computer graphics and images into digital artwork. Students will take pictures and concentrate on graphic manipulation. Learn to enhance your pictures with image editing, retouching, and color correcting. This is a great class for the student interested in advertising, journalism, marketing, web design, and desktop publishing.

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Desktop Publishing

This is a year-long course using Adobe InDesign, the most commonly used desktop publishing software in business today.  The class will concentrate on writing, editing, and designing professional quality publications.  Students will create a portfolio, which will integrate text, photos, and graphics to create brochures, letterheads, flyers, advertisements, business cards, invoices, and other publications suitable for personal and business use.  The internet, Adobe PhotoShop, digital photography and flatbed scanners are other technologies utilized in the course.

Credit – 1 Unit

Social Media Marketing 

 Digital Marketing prepares students for this evolving world of technology by providing skills in digital marketing, social network platforms, and analytics. Students will also explore ethical and lawful behaviors and assess how to maintain marketing integrity. Students will use Adobe Illustrator to create advertisements and marketing materials for digital channels. A strong computer knowledge is needed to be successful in this course. 

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Digital Photography

Operate a digital camera, compose photographs, set up lights for studio portraits and arrange and capture still life images.  Use computers with Adobe Photoshop software to manipulate photo images.  Students will merge images from other photographs, change colors, restore damaged pictures, enhance and correct colors and enrich and improve image quality.

Credit – 1/2 Unit
Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop

Digital Video Production

How do they render the special effects in the latest movies? How is mood developed in short films? What techniques are used when encoding video onto DVDs? Find out as you work with cutting edge hardware and software to let your imagination come to life digitally. Learn to manipulate audio in Audition as you record your own voice to use in projects.  Use Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Audition to produce commercials, short films and more! Students must possess strong file management skills as well as being able to work on multiple projects at one time.  Be prepared to be behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Technology Solutions – Independent Study

Ideal for students wanting to further their experience in the digital media and graphic design career field.  This is a capstone class which will combine skills learned throughout high school.  Students will perform real world projects for clients using a vast array of technology and design skills.  Taught in a creative atmosphere allowing students to gain insight into their own abilities to acquire and use information, solve problems and develop valuable experiences.  Students interested in design will create a wide array of products in a profession-based learning environment.  A professional portfolio illustrating their creative talents will be completed.

Credit – 1 Unit
Instructor Approval Required


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