Our school discipline is based on the B.I.S.T. program. (Behavior Intervention Support Team). As part of this process, our goal is for students to have a safe learning environment. It is also our goal to help students take responsibility for their actions and to support them while they learn to make better choices. At South School this year, you may see the following:

  • Teachers and students developing plans together.
  • Teachers and staff members visiting one-one with students in a calm, caring manner — listening and understanding.
  • Students thinking and writing about the choices they made and using a think sheet to work through what they might have done differently. This may be in a “safe spot” in the room, a “buddy room”, or in a recovery room.

Along with a safe learning environment for students, our hope is for students to also develop greater confidence in making good choices. As you visit our school, you will also see cheerful and warm settings for learning in your child’s classroom.