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  • Middle School Contact Information

    1400 North Grand Avenue, Eldon, MO 65026
    Phone: (573) 392-8020
    Fax: (573) 392-9151

  • Mission and Vision Statements

    Our mission at the Eldon Middle School is to promote academic success, through a rigorous and relevant curriculum which encourages emotional and social growth, and to help develop purpose and direction in the lives of our students. We seek to do this in a safe and positive environment by developing positive relationships within the school, family, and community.

    In order to achieve the mission of EMS, we commit ourselves to creating and maintaining a school that addresses and is adaptive to all students’ needs in a positive, safe and cooperative manner. We envision a school in which:

    • Curriculum is designed to help all students meet standards and is applicable to life;
    • Instruction is adaptive, progressive and uses various strategies to engage and excite students;
    • Assessment is varied while being consistent with instruction and curriculum;
    • Learning environment is comfortable, free from physical, mental and emotional threat, and conducive to learning.
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  • Homework Board


    7th Grade Homework Board 2/21/20
    Pre-Algebra (New) EE8 worksheet
    Math (Harmon) Solving 2-step Equations
    no homework
    Reading ELA (King)
    Writing ELA (Caudel) Exposition of Immigration narrative due Tuesday
    Read 180 (Bennett)
    Science (Roth) Day 1 – Circuit Lab
    Homework: Always review
    Science (Frey)
    Social Studies (Harwood) Geography Stations
    no homework


    8th Grade Homework Board 2/21/20
    Algebra (New) Review factoring worksheets
    Math (Calvino) Solving equations variable on both sides
    ELA (Kirkweg) 12 nonfiction points due March 2
    Advanced ELA (Kirkweg) 12 nonfiction points due March 2
    ELA 2 (Bennett)
    Read 180 (Bennett)
    Science (Carver) Theory of Plate Tectonics
    no homework
    Science (New) Plate Tectonics
    no homework
    Social Studies (Neeley)
     Roth PLTW Take apart pull toys
    Mechanisms Test – Wed. 2/26
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