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  • Middle School Contact Information

    1400 North Grand Avenue, Eldon, MO 65026
    Phone: (573) 392-8020
    Fax: (573) 392-9151

  • Mission and Vision Statements

    Our mission at the Eldon Middle School is to promote academic success, through a rigorous and relevant curriculum which encourages emotional and social growth, and to help develop purpose and direction in the lives of our students. We seek to do this in a safe and positive environment by developing positive relationships within the school, family, and community.

    In order to achieve the mission of EMS, we commit ourselves to creating and maintaining a school that addresses and is adaptive to all students’ needs in a positive, safe and cooperative manner. We envision a school in which:

    • Curriculum is designed to help all students meet standards and is applicable to life;
    • Instruction is adaptive, progressive and uses various strategies to engage and excite students;
    • Assessment is varied while being consistent with instruction and curriculum;
    • Learning environment is comfortable, free from physical, mental and emotional threat, and conducive to learning.
  • Staff
  • Homework Board


    7th Grade Homework Board 12/6/19
    Pre-Algebra (New) tanagrams packet
    Math (Harmon) Proportional vs Non-Proportional
    Practice Page
    Reading ELA (King) Learning Targets Ch. 12-14
    20 nonfiction Reading Counts points due 12/16
    Writing ELA (Caudel) Family History Interviews
    Read 180 (Bennett)
    Science (Roth) Finish Rube Goldberg machine design
    homework if not finished
    Science (Frey)
    Social Studies (Harwood) Latin America Research Project due 12/13
    no homework


    8th Grade Homework Board 12/6/19
    Algebra (New) Systems Test
    Math (Calvino) Representing Functions
    ELA (Kirkweg) Study pronouns (quiz Monday)
    Truth About Sparrows 17 – 18 and plot notes
    Study “Behind Enemy Lines” vocab
    15 fiction and 6 nonfiction points due 12/16
    All ICU due 12/16
    Advanced ELA (Kirkweg) Study pronouns (quiz Monday)
    Study “Behind Enemy Lines” vocab
    15 fiction points due 12/16
    All ICU due 12/16
    ELA 2 (Bennett)
    Read 180 (Bennett)
    Science (Carver) Webquest
    Science (New) Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Activity
    Social Studies (Neeley) Chapter 6 Section 3
     Roth PLTW Toy Construction – finish
    no homework
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