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Terry Wood, Transportation Director
Tina Scrivner, Transportation Secretary

Regular Day? Snow Routes? Snow Day?
How the Decision is made.

As winter creeps closer, the Eldon School District is preparing for the inevitable snow day. For those who make decisions about whether to run regular school bus routes or run snow routes, or to cancel school, these days are challenging. Many things are considered when making decisions about how to run the buses on inclement weather days, but the ultimate decision is always based on what is best for the students. Student safety is the primary concern of our school district.

What is the process for making a decision about whether to run regular or snow routes, or to cancel school?

When inclement weather is in the forecast, administrators will begin tracking the storm via television weather reports and the Internet.

  1. Administrators will maintain close contact with county and city road crews.
  2. If the storm is coming in the early morning hours, our Director of  Transportation and her colleagues will begin driving key roads.  It is not unusual for our people to be out on those roads at 3:00 or 4:00 in  the morning.
  3. Depending on what time of day the storm looks to hit our area, administrators will  consult other school districts in the line of the storm to gauge the intensity of the storm and to get their opinions on how to best deal with the situation.
  4. Ultimately, the Director of Transportation will contact the Superintendent and make her recommendation. The superintendent will then make his decision.
  5. At  this time the Superintendent will begin “putting the word out”  via our parent notification phone system (SchoolMessenger) the website, email, social media (Facebook) and through the media.