Missouri SuN Bucks (Summer EBT)

Helping Families Access Food During the Summer

Missouri is currently awaiting approval on a new program called ‘Missouri SuN Bucks,’ aimed at helping families buy groceries for their school-aged children during the summer.

At this time, Missouri SuN Bucks is pending approval. However, parents should start preparing for when the program launches. The Missouri Department of Social Services is grateful to your school in partnering with us by including the above image in your emails or newsletters to parents. This information gives a high-level overview of the program and encourages parents to subscribe for email alerts and to update their address if they have SNAP or Temporary Assistance.

Schools are a trusted place where families seek information about resources. Your support and guidance to families about Missouri SuN Bucks will help many children receive the food they need this summer. View the complete Missouri SuN Bucks Letter to Schools here.