Business Courses

Accounting I

This course is designed to build a basic understanding of manual accounting principles, concepts, and procedures.  Activities include the accounting equation, the accounting cycle, entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, preparing end-of-period statements and reports, payroll systems, banking activities and taxes.

Credit – 1 Unit

Accounting II

BusinessThis course is a continuation of Accounting I, involving more advanced problems.  Departmentalized accounting, general accounting adjustments, corporation accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, partnership accounting and non-for-profit organization accounting are studied.  Computerized accounting activities are used throughout the course.

Credit – 1 Unit

Computer Applications

This course is designed to familiarize students with the computer.  Students will become familiar with Windows.  Students will also develop skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations by using Microsoft Office.  Internet Explorer will be used to utilize the internet.  It is suggested students take this class as a freshman or sophomore since the content will be needed in many classes while in high school.

Credit – 1/2 Unit


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