Business/Marketing Courses

Accounting I

This course is designed to build a basic understanding of manual accounting principles, concepts, and procedures.  Activities include the accounting equation, the accounting cycle, entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, preparing end-of-period statements and reports, payroll systems, banking activities and taxes.

Credit – 1 Unit

Accounting II, III, IV

BusinessThese courses are a continuation of Accounting I, involving more advanced problems.  Departmentalized accounting, general accounting adjustments, corporation accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, partnership accounting and non-for-profit organization accounting are studied.

Credit – 1 Unit

Computer Applications

This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic computer operating system and software.  Students will become familiar with Microsoft Applications.  Students will also develop skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations by using Microsoft Office.  Internet Explorer will be used to utilize the internet.  It is suggested students take this class as a freshman or sophomore since the content will be needed in many classes while in high school.

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Introduction to Business

This course is designed to expose students to many functions of modern business.  It shows students how these functions exist in a changing society and the type of decisions which must be made within that environment.  The course also exposes students to the multitude of careers in the field of business. Topics such as business environment, management, organization, marketing, human resources, advertising, business law, finance, accounting, sales and data processing are discussed in an introductory manner.  Students will complete many class activities and projects throughout the course.

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Marketing Dynamics

This program provides students with an in-depth look at the different areas of marketing.  Students will explore market segmentation, market research, international marketing, product branding, packaging and labeling.  Students will create business cards, billboards, magazine ads, radio, and television advertisements.  In addition, students will learn how to develop headlines, copy, illustrations and business identifications.  They will plan, develop, and implement advertisements for print and broadcast media.  If you like being creative, this is the course for you!

Credit – 1/2 Unit

Travel and Tourism

This course introduces students to the vast career opportunities in the travel & tourism industry.  Instruction includes principles of travel industry operations and procedures, convention & event planning, tourism marketing and promotion strategies,  hotel and lodging facilities, and food services and recreation. Students will be given the opportunity to experience different cuisines from other cultures in a ‘Taste of the World’ food day series.

Credit – 1/2 Unit


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