John Philip Sousa Award

John Philip Sousa Band Award

Since it’s inauguration in 1954, thousands of U.S. high Schools have presented the John Philip Sousa Band Award to their most outstanding band students.

It is fitting that this award should be inspired by the name of John Philip Sousa, the premier American bandman who was elected in 1973 to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. No other composer is so well known to band students, and Sousa was one of the most renowned supporters of school music programs.

The John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes those young musicians displaying superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation, and other qualities of conduct which school instrumental music programs strive to impart. The Sousa award is th most prestigious nationwide prize in the school band field.

1988 was the first year that the John Philip Sousa Band Award was presented at Eldon High School

1987-1988 Kim Vaughn
1988-1989 Jeff Bond
1989-1990 Jeff Hoffman
1990-1991 Jason Martin
1991-1992 Craig Atteberry
1992-1993 Marty Rush
1993-1994 Angelic Beard
1994-1995 Justin Martin
1995-1996 Jeremiah Helvey, April Oberreither
1996-1997 Cindy Schler
1997-1998 Paul Harbison, Stacey McCargar
1998-1999 Nathan Wilhoit
1999-2000 Ashley Tuttle- Hanks
2000-2001 Mandy Johnson, Maria Witt
2001-2002 Walker Wilhoit
2002-2003 Jessica Davenport
2003-2004 Jessi Kirchner, Nicole Kirkweg
2004-2005 Jamie Burditt, Megan Twyman
2005-2006 Sara Beas
2006-2007 Tim Wood
2007-2008 Charity Wood
2008-2009 Caitlin Walker
2009-2010 Morgan Frogge
2010-2011  Katie Whitney
2011-2012 Brittni Wyatt
2012-2013 Aaron Hill, Cassie Visser
2013-2014 Amber Witt
2014-2015 Adrianne Barry

2015-2016   Christina Beard

2016-2017    Madisyn Hollenbeck