Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

Auto TechnologyAutomotive technology program fully educates students in the fundamentals of the automotive trade so that they can advance rapidly within industry or begin businesses for themselves.

Eldon Career Center’s two-year course is structured to provide basic entry level skills in a technical automotive field. Students learn automotive technology with up to date curriculum and diagnosing vehicles in a lab area. This course is designed to prepare the student to enter the automotive technology field as a apprentice with a proven degree of competency in each of the units covered.

The Automotive Technology program at Eldon Career Center is in process of becoming Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Automotive TechnologyASE certification gives TCT students an advantage in the job market. This certification vouches that this program has the highest standards. ASE certification commands industry respect and allows for more support in goods, supplies, grants, and jobs for students in this program. A graduate of this program will look very good to employers.


3 Units


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