Digital Media

Digital Media Courses


This is a year-long course where students will learn multimedia terminology and create various multimedia projects. Students will use the advanced features in Microsoft Powerpoint. Adobe Photoshop will be used to create graphics suitable for print and the web. Learning how to modify sounds to be used in projects will be covered. The year will wrap up with video editing. Students will use video cameras to create video and Adobe Premiere to edit the video footage.

Credit – 1 Unit

Desktop Publishing

This is a year-long course using Adobe InDesign, the most commonly used desktop publishing software in business today.  The class will concentrate on writing, editing, and designing professional quality publications.  Students will create a portfolio, which will integrate text, photos, and graphics to create brochures, letterheads, flyers, advertisements, business cards, invoices, and other publications suitable for personal and business use.  The internet, Adobe PhotoShop, digital photography and flatbed scanners are other technologies utilized in the course.

Credit – 1 Unit

Web Design

In this course students will gain experience with Macromedia Studio 8. Students will create interactive web pages using Dreamweaver.  Digital designs found on web sites will be created using Flash, Fireworks, and Freehand. Students will create interactive, animated, digital creations appropriate for disk, CD or web delivery.

Credit – 1 Unit


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