Teacher Cadet

Grades 9-12 1 credit

The Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession program focuses on the general theory and practice of learning and teaching; the basic
principles of educational psychology; the art of teaching; the planning and administration of educational activities; school safety and health
issues; and the social foundations of education.


Grades 10-12 1 credit

This course focuses on the methods of teachings that are applicable across subject areas and grade levels and in various teaching situations, at the
elementary and secondary levels. This includes student-centered and teacher-centered instructional strategies as well as the broader
curriculum framework that makes these strategies meaningful. A variety of instructional formats will be used, in part to model the types of lessons that students will be designing, and later implementing during their teaching practicum. This is research/presentation intensive class. * This is the second course in the Introduction to Teaching Program.


Grades 11-12 1 credit

Teaching Practicum is the final step in the education career thread. Effective teaching, like any other skill, requires practice and the guidance
of educators. This second teaching practicum provides future teachers the benefit of instructional expertise and mentoring of faculty
within his/her own discipline. The practicum also gives future educators the opportunity to write and teach lessons, to experiment with teaching
techniques in an environment where they can consult with supervising and cooperating teachers. The teaching practicum is not an
independent teaching experience. Rather it is one that provides feedback and supervision by an educator who oversees a ‘guided
teaching/learning” experience. The practicum can be completed in an educator’s class where the teacher remains the primary instructor for the class and the student will tutor, assist and teach lessons. Evidence must be provided that documents in-class instruction and a range of supervisory and reflective experiences. The teaching practicum should be designed to give the student actual teaching experience and developmental feedback. Practicum students should be involved in lesson planning and implementation in this course throughout the semester.
* This is the final course in the Teaching Professions Program.
Prerequisites: Teaching Professions and Methods of Teaching.